front porch flimflam
Flimflam /ˈflɪm.flæm/: n. Talk that intends to deceive ... v. To swindle or dupe

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Hi. My name is Kristian Connolly. I am a resident of Montpelier, where I've lived with my family for three years. We've resided in Vermont since 2014. My current occupation is homeschool dad and part-time graduate student in Native American Studies. I've been a communications professional for more than two decades, in both traditional and digital communications. This has included news media as well as national nonprofit/legal advocacy organizations based in D.C. and the Bay Area.

I am a generally quiet, kind, respectful, easygoing, and polite person. I think the intentional language of what I write, and the thought and care I take with my writing, supports that assertion. But I am also direct in my writing, and there has always been a fire and a rage and a sadness that burns inside of me when I encounter injustice and lies.

I am not one to think a fight is too big, or me too small to fight it when something is unfair or unjust especially when one side derives and retains its power and control from having more money than the people whose decisions and actions it affects. In my past, I have single-handedly challenged a multi-billion-dollar company, Major League Baseball, in a protracted national public relations battle that drew popular support from thousands of people across the country and resulted in MLB eventually agreeing to the demand that I, representing those thousands of people (and my hometown community that was being damaged by the decision being made), meet with them to hear our concerns and discuss the policy being objected to. I also have a past in union organizing at a national nonprofit and defeating anti-union management and its high-power, union-busting law firm in an NLRB election. More recently, and locally, I am involved in a nearly three-year advocacy battle with the Hunger Mountain Food Co-op over providing equity in access to all during a global pandemic. (Ask me about that some other time!)

And now, something I'd never have imagined, but is here nonetheless: telling the truth about Front Porch Forum.

Thanks for reading!